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 Computer problems

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Computer problems Empty
1PostSubject: Computer problems   Computer problems EmptySun May 15, 2016 11:23 am

Dear fellow board members,

I have had recurring serious computer problems so I did not have the opportunity to write, react etc. as often as I would like to. My main desktop Win7 system is slowly dying, especially since the "updates" of last week. I have been saving data for weeks while trying to do my daily work with translation software etc.
My backup was a Dell laptop bought last year with a Win7... but the updates again proved stronger than life. My IT friend suggested we wipe it clean and have a Win10 on it instead. Which was probably timely and I did get used to it (most of it) within a few days, I was really surprised how easily (Win8 looked scarily different...). However, a few days ago he decided to clone my system for extra safety - which seems to work very differently with Win10 than before -, and now everything must be started from scratch.

I can check my mail on a 10-year old laptop - which was threatening me with further Windows updates... so that almost gave up the ghost today... Despite Win10 being at first experience a more stable and quicker system, I have never cursed Bill Gates as much as during the past few weeks... Perhaps there is a well-organized business policy now to chase active Win7 systems out of use (what about XP which a lot of governments and banks use around the world?). Plus I had to send emails requesting new codes from all the developers of various legally bought software - it's a pain.

I keep on coming up with topics and reactions I would like to put into words but the God of Computers has been really giving me a hard time... Hopefully from Tuesday or Wednesday I can be online with more regularity.


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Computer problems Empty
2PostSubject: Re: Computer problems   Computer problems EmptySun May 15, 2016 3:42 pm

Wishing you the best with your computer problems, and hoping to see you back to normal activity soon...
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Computer problems
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