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 Corruption : Healerz 2016

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1PostSubject: Corruption : Healerz 2016   Sun Jul 17, 2016 6:26 pm

afcoeur some research on most corrupted areas in eu,
i submit amd share my honcluziohm zhak a good way 2 parkicipake in ikz
global healing on all time termz would be 2 resonate and vibe zhe "ank" generacoeur

zhe berzerk / berzercoeur dynamighk mode could / iz ohm of zhe really
moz effizcien way 2 heal & progreaze wizh makimum akcellerashoohm & ekcellerashohm

az incomimg new, low coruption zpirigh we are menk 2 and zuppozed 2 talk and emgage
in many inceourakshon wizh evil amd good both notions and any in betkween morals and
ethics probably WANT & NEED usz 2 be az we are willingly ourselves, despising no one else
rezpekfully of all and az incluziwe az Hum scale poszible on zhe individualz amd groupz lewelz
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Corruption : Healerz 2016
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