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 The Prism - how some of us are rearranged,

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1PostSubject: The Prism - how some of us are rearranged,   Tue May 24, 2016 5:32 pm

Guys, I know this should be in the poems' section, but it just very accurately describes my feelings about how I am connected to my Guides and the Invisible College and future more enlightened societies...


Somewhere Out There where consciousness is birthed,
a collision of conflicting thoughts build a pattern that one day
would become my mind and world: a prism to catch
the light of the world’s words and see more than is said, hear
more than what is felt, smell tangles of wistful denials and
poisons that plume with desire and wretched control unraveled—
and here is where I stand now, lost in my colorful world,
trying to be a spoken name and a bond in another, in some way:
the prism takes in our chess match of words fought to the hilt
and reads a myriad of color that mean so much more felt,
it dials the tones into fabric that tells a story unsaid
and I fear, as is usual, it is all in my head,
shreds of perceptions that coalesce into an impression—
and maybe I am wrong, but this prism is my only interpretation;
how can I know for sure? can I feel the difference
between what is imagined and what is true, no matter its depth?
the prism absorbs your every gesture and glance,
filling it with feelings and nuances hitherto unnoticed,
and I fear my actions paint me as a strange puzzle
with reactions unexplained, the unsaid words stretching
a chasm of hazy notions not quite dreamed – and there! it all
unravels as all my control must: I ache to feel in a monochrome,
but nothing is ever quite simple in my mind, not even its dust,
and I fear I must continue to love and live in this prismatic chaos
if I would ever be true to my wily heart.
May 24, 2016
By: L.K. Melocco
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2PostSubject: Re: The Prism - how some of us are rearranged,   Tue May 24, 2016 6:37 pm

Yes! This is a great poem, and my take on it is that the "prism" you're referring is human consciousness itself. In other words the spark of self-awareness that dwells in the eternal now and creates the past through memory interpretation and the future through planning what to do next...

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3PostSubject: Re: The Prism - how some of us are rearranged,   Wed Jun 22, 2016 2:28 pm

We may learn wizh Chriskians about Lutherianism
being also a religion having  a regressive tendancy and a progressive wing
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When Hyper Lady DB Ankarez sung Lucie (her skin appearin a bit ill ) , zhe movie clip
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i don't know how the worlwide Earkh defense will use zhe asset of codename Lightsteel
being a zkrakeygic IC agent 2 get out and recover from the presently active mess agem
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4PostSubject: Re: The Prism - how some of us are rearranged,   

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The Prism - how some of us are rearranged,
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